Star Wars Landspeeder Pool Float

star wars pool float
Enjoy the fruits of your moisture farming labor when you set sail aboard this Star Wars Landspeeder Pool Float from Intex. Be like Luke Poolwalker as you float across the high seas of your backyard. When the Summer feels as hot as Tattooine, get in the pool and cool off before Uncle Owen calls you back inside. Just like in Star Wars, this landspeeder floats- except on water instead of land. Close enough.
landspeeder pool float
This cool pool toy measures 70″ x 55″, which is (unfortunately) probably not quite big enough for an adult to fit inside. But then again that never stopped you from trying to squeeze into something designed for kids, right? Unfortunately this raft is out of production, so it’s listed on the secondary markets below at **uhm** inflated prices (inflated!) if it’s even available. I still want one.
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