Lego Style Bricks Speaker

bricks speaker
Lego fans everywhere will love this Lego-like Bricks Speaker. The speaker uses NFA (Near Field Audio) to automatically amplify the sound of any smartphone with an integrated speaker that is placed directly upon it. No setup or pairing of any type is required. We demoed a similar NFA speaker here. Just put your phone atop it and sound comes out of the speaker. Bricks come in a variety of bright colors and you can also place your phone upright in between the pegs like so:
bricks speaker colors
Taste the rainbow. There’s also a 3.5mm mini-stereo jack in case your device doesn’t have it’s own speaker or can’t be placed directly on the Bricks. You can power the device through batteries or a USB cable. It runs for about 10 hours on a set of batteries. Awesome. Everything is awesome.