Dual Stream Faucet Lets You See the Hot and Cold Streams Combine

dual stream faucet
Normally with a bathroom faucet, the magic of combining the hot and cold water streams into one is contained within the faucet itself. You turn the knobs and out comes nice warm water. What goes on inside the faucet is a mystery we might never solve- lol. But with the Pavati Tap faucet design, the “magic” happens right before your eyes. The y-shaped faucet lets both streams flow into a single visually appealing waterfall in your sink.
pavati faucet
It’s a striking modern design, contemporary and slightly minimalist if that’s possible. And you usually don’t see faucets in white, which is unique. It’s a little unclear to me exactly how you turn this faucet on and off (maybe turn the top parts?) but that’s just a minor detail, right? Salmon Nortje is the designer on this beautiful bathroom fixture. (via trendir)