Align Stapler with a Detachable Base

align stapler
Finally an improvement to the trusty stapler (and not just making it look like a gun)! The Align Stapler has a detachable base which lets you staple anywhere on your paper- not just the very edge. Simply remove the base, line it up with the top, and staple. Because it doesn’t have to be hinged like a normal stapler, it has a unique square shape. You can keep the two halves attached and use it like a regular stapler too if you want. Also, it’s magnetic! Stick it up to your magnetized board or filing cabinet and keep your desk clear:
align stapler magnetic
A teacher’s best friend. To staple something to a bulletin board or wall, just detach the base and use only the top part. Easy as that. Goodbye old stapler, welcome to the future of stapling.

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