The Architect’s Birdfeeder

architects birdfeeder
Reconvene, reconnect, raise a glass to the architect. Birds of a feather are flocking outside the farmhouse but that doesn’t mean they have to be bouncing around the room in seven below weather. Don’t be a Wilson you birdwatcher, give those birds a good looking place to eat with the Architect’s Birdfeeder. Designed by Doug Patt, this sleek modern design assembles easily from a series of polycarbonate thermoplastic parts. It’s simple.
architects birdfeeder parts
My friend, my friend, even the famous mockingbird would love to eat from that cool birdfeeder. Just stash a mound of bird food in the cavern-like wedge of the birdfeeder and it surrenders to the flow down the side tubes. If any morsels happen to drop, it’s dinner and a movie time for the lizards and squirrels. If I could, I’d hang one lengthwise outside my sugar shack over my lawn, boy. Eh, what’s the use?