Rake and Compress Leaves with the Rake ‘n’ Tamp

rake n tamp
The Fall season is upon us now and true to the name soon the leaves will be falling. And with that comes the tedious task of raking and bagging up all those leaves for collection. A new tool called the Rake ‘n’ Tamp makes that much easier. In it’s normal setting, it works just like a regular rake with stainless steel tines for easy and maneuverable backyard cleanup. But slide the mechanism down the handle and…
rake and tamp
The rake’s tines retract and the flat tamper board slides down. The mechanism locks and turns the rake into a tamper to compress those leaves in your collection bag or pail. Now you have one tool to complete your yardwork leaf raking.
rake n tamp tamping
As a bonus, the tamping platform allows you to store the Rake ‘n’ Tamp upright, which is great whether it’s in your garage or next to you while you handle another yardwork task. A hole in the handle atop the lightweight polished aluminum shaft lets you hang it up. One tool to rule them all (or at least all the leaves)!