Attach a Smartphone or Stuffed Animal to a DSLR with DaisyGrip

Take better pictures of kids by getting them to actually look right at the camera with the DaisyGrip. This DSLR accessory attached to your camera’s hot shoe mount and gives you a flexible four-pronged hand to hold your phone or anything else you can think of. Kids can’t resist staring at the videos on your phone and thus right at the camera. Or you could go old school with a stuffed animal:
That would actually work great for pets too- put one of their toys or treats in the clip. You could even use your phone to take video while you’re taking photos. Or take 2 sets of photos at once, one from the DSLR and one from the iPhone (perhaps for instant Facebook or Instagram sharing) without having to do the awkward shuffle of putting the camera aside while you get your phone out of your pocket. Very flexible and handy accessory.