Desktop Fireplace

Sure, we’d all love the cozy warmth and glowing ambiance of a real fireplace on top of our desks but realistically speaking we’d probably burn the whole place down if we built something like that. So we’re left with a fireplace screen saver in a generic plastic encased LCD monitor. This yule log was not good enough for one crafty Instructables user who turned his screen into a lovely little fireplace complete with a mantle. Check out the “before” shot:

Basically he just bought some pieces of trim molding, cut and painted them, then glued them together to form a frame around his monitor. Then he took it one step further by adding in some red LED Christmas lights BEHIND the monitor to give it a glowing effect. Check out the glowing action below:

Looks super cozy. Love the mantle on top for displaying photos and toys. Way cool…errr hot. Hot stuff.