iPotty: iPad Holding Potty Seat

As we straddle the ever shifting border between genius and gross we come upon the CTA Digital iPotty for iPad, a potty seat with an iPad holder built right in. Great for potty training. It does have a clear touchscreen protector to guard against “smudges and messy hands”. And we all know how those hands got messy. Yes, this is a real product, here’s the box:

The stand rotates 360° for horizontal or vertical viewing of your iPad. And by “your” iPad, we mean your kid’s iPad because do you want it back now? Like a regular potty, it has a removable inner bowl, seat and a splashguard. Also has a clip-on seat to convert to an iPad activity seat (although technically as a potty seat, it is an “activity seat”- just a different type of activity). It’s good training for when they grow up and do the exact same thing on a real toilet. Begins shipping March 2013.

(thanks to the Michelle from River Bottom Video for the tip!)

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