Remote Controlled Pac-Man and Ghost Set

pac man ghost rc e1353348483536 Remote Controlled Pac Man and Ghost Set
Recreate Pac-Man in your home with the Pac Man & Ghost R/C Set Remote Controlled Pac Man and Ghost Set. It comes with one Pac-Man and one Ghost (Blinky!). But this time there’s no maze, no power pellets, no fruit, it’s just one on one- mano a mano (or Pac-o a Ghost-o, I guess, my Spanish is a bit weak). Use the uber-cool infrared retro arcade style joystick to control your guy.

Yep it’s got legit Pac-Man gaming sound effects going on while you play. Who is the fastest? Comes in a set of 2, so everyone can play… and by “everyone” we mean you and one friend.

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