ChalkTrail Bicycle Attachment

chalktrail ChalkTrail Bicycle Attachment
This looks like a lot of fun- it’s the ChalkTrail Bike Attachment ChalkTrail Bicycle Attachment. As the name implies, simply attach it to your bicycle (no tools needed!) and leave a trail of chalk. It’s like a low-cost light cycle! It comes in either blue or red. Each piece of chalk is good for 1.5 miles.
f061 chalktrail blue ChalkTrail Bicycle Attachment
Make a line, draw crazy shapes, play follow the leader, try to write words- the possibilities for kids to have fun with this are endless. Plus parents can put it on their kid’s bikes to track down where they pedaled off to (ok, maybe not really). Fun stuff and allows for some artistic creativity while exercising. Win win.

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4 comments to ChalkTrail Bicycle Attachment

  • ralph

    Never on my kid’s bike. I’ll be damned if some pedophile will have a trail to follow that will lead him right to my kid.

  • Luciana

    What a fun way to spend some time with the kids. I myself would love to have one of these on my bicycle too. And Ralph, you can be with your kids when they use it. It could be used on vacation, in a different city or even in your city, but with you right there with them. Just for fun! Not every day, but a special day or special days with mom and dad…

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