Plush Talking Honey Badger Don’t Care

We love the honey badger, we love Randall, but it’s really hard to snuggle up at night with a Youtube video, so now there’s the Plush Talking Honey Badger. This super soft, yet dangerous, stuffed animal don’t give a sh!t. It speaks all the R-rated sayings like “Honey Badgers are quite badass and out of their f!@#ing mind. Ewww thats so F!@#ing Gross. Honey Badger Dont Give a S!@#. Look at that sleepy F!@#. Honey Badger just smacks the s!@# out of it. Its getting stung like a thousand times it really doesnt give a s!@#”. Also available in a PG rated version. Both come in small and large cause honey badgers love options (and eating snakes and bees).

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