USB Flash Drive for the iPad

Normally Apple’s closed architecture for the iPad doesn’t allow you to connect an external drive of any sort so you are stuck with the storage in the iPad. But with the Maxell AirStash Wireless Flash Drive you can stream music, movies, photos and documents to your iPad without a router or Internet service. The drive plugs into your computer to recharge (software free) and transfer files from the computer. A free app lets the drive work with your iPad (or iPhone) from up to 150 feet away.

It’s a streaming media library in your pocket. The drive allows up to 6 wireless devices to access it simultaneously and it has a slot for SD cards (8 GB one included) for virtually unlimited storage and quick viewing of photos from your camera. It will run for five plus hours on a single charge. It’s a simple (but slightly pricey) way to get more storage for your Apple devices.



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