DJ Cat Scratch Turntable Probably Sounds Better than Skrillex

Move over DJ Roomba, there’s a new microphone master in town and he’s a kitteh. Turn your cat into the star of the show with the DJ Cat Scratch Turntable, the cardboard turntable that your cat can scratch. Hit the floor as the kitty drops a phat beat, like a mini Daft Punkitty playing in your house. Dubstep? More like wubstep, who the wittle wubbywubbystep?

(btw if you don’t know what Skrillex sounds like, you can decide for yourself whether he sounds better than a cat from the samples here, unfortunately we don’t have any cat scratching samples for comparison so use your imagination). $34.99 turns your cat into a possible replacement for DJ Pauly D on Jersey Shore.