Like Your Fridge with Social Media Magnets

Your fridge could use some social media loving too. It’s a cold lonely world in the kitchen, getting the door slammed in your face, being subjected to horrible smelling food, being forced to hold mayo on your shelves (yuck!), only getting attention when you’re full; all without all the love given to the other appliances like the dishwasher and microwave. Well now you can show the social media love with Social Media Magnets.

Put that giant like magnet next to your kid’s artwork*. Got bills or tickets hanging on the fridge- dislike button! Since they are magnets you can put them anywhere metal- lockers, cubicles, guys with metal plates in their heads, metal doors, ovens, dishwashers, bbq’s, you name it. Comes in a set of 22.

*note: no matter how hard you press the magnet, the art won’t show up in your Facebook profile.

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