Elephant Tape Dispenser and USB Port

It’s a tape dispenser shaped like an elephant. Put your roll of scotch tape in his belly and cut it on top of his trunk. But wait, this Elephant Tape Dispenser has another trick up his sleeve- he’s also a single port USB hub. Technically not a hub then, I guess. Irrrrregardless, he’s an extension cord for your USB device as well as a provider of sticky tape (or not so sticky tape if you use the cheap stuff).

Look out! It’s a herd of them. Comes in three colors. You might ask yourself, “Self, why do I need a USB extension cord that also dispenses tape and looks like an elephant?”. Then you might ask yourself why you feel the need to preface all your internal monologues with “self” because you know exactly who you’re talking to without it. But really why do we need anything? Will having a tape dispenser shaped like an elephant sitting on our desks cause small moments of happiness throughout the boring day? And how did this post about a novelty animal USB gadget turn into some sort of psychosociological digression?