Skateboard Chair Rolls On

rolling skateboard chair Skateboard Chair Rolls On
The wheels on most office chairs kinda suck, right? Skateboard wheels are the best- just one of the reasons they are used by many filmmakers as a cheap dolly. Anywhichwaybutloose, Japan based Rollingfoot (JP) has created the Isukebo, a skateboard chair.
rolling skateboard chair2 Skateboard Chair Rolls On
It’s kind of minimal and the plywood skateboard should give a comfortable flex for your tush. They’ve got a few different designs for $650 each if you live in Japan or are willing to move to Japan to receive delivery on a skateboard chair before moving back to where you came from originally (a totally sensible plan if you asked me).
rolling skateboard chair3 Skateboard Chair Rolls On
But how do they roll? Let’s watch the brief action video:

Coolio. I could totally ollie off a curb on that thing. So the Japanese’s take on skateboard chair is clearly more refined and business-like (at least in looks, maybe not so much in rolling action) than France’s playful take on the skateboard chair which we covered last month. I guess it’s your move America- whatcha got?

via crunchgear

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