Facebook Like Car Spoiler

Spoiler alert! I spotted this Facebook Like spoiler over the weekend here in New York. I’m going to have to disagree with the sticker and say no I do not like this. Spoilers are for race cars, not Subaru’s. Even the Facebook Car knows that. Here’s the full scene of the crime:

Insert the obligatory Craziest Gadgets Facebook begathon for Likes right here. We’re only 4.8 million Likes behind Bieber, we can do this thing people- tell a friend!

4 thoughts on “Facebook Like Car Spoiler

  1. Ya, it ACTUALLY WORKS. Unlike the gigantic aftermarket spoilers you’ll likely see on a civic, or another front wheel drive car.

  2. The STI is capable of speeds of 160+ and that Rear Spoiler is OEM and is Functional, it keeps the car stable at speeds exceeding 70+mph, The wing reduces lift and increases the high speed stability with 60lb+ down force.

    Fact: Subaru spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop that particular wing and then spent many, many hours testing and tweaking the wing in wind tunnels. Sorry to burst your bubble 🙁

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