500 Worst Passwords Poster

Oh noes! I see my “ABC123” password on this poster of the 500 worst passwords. Don’t worry I changed it to “123456” before hitting publish on this post. These are selling out fast, it looks like they’re all sold out or only Pink or Green background posters are left; hard to tell exactly. Anyway I don’t have time to be buying any posters, I have to go change a few more passwords- who knew that “biteme” was one of the worst passwords ever?

4 thoughts on “500 Worst Passwords Poster

  1. It still makes me laugh to this day how nieive some people are when it comes to passwords. I mean seriously… I know soemone that uses the same password for nearly everything he does! And it’s not even a hard one to guess!

    Yes, it IS easier to remember just 1 password, but that just means when you “lose” that password or someones guessed it. Everything that was yours is now theirs. 🙂

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