I Want This Star Trek Whoooshing Air Door

How much would it cost to have these automatic whooshing air doors installed in every room in my house? Cause I want it done. Make it so. Unfortunately I’m not longer allowed to make any part of the household decor Star Trek related thanks to something I can only refer to as the “Spock lamp incident”. Maybe I can angle my sales by saying they are Disney World monorail doors. Yeah that’s it. Well one dude, Marc, made this particular door for his own house; check out the video:

The whoooshing air sound effect is 100% necessary. The door is pneumatically controlled and automatically closes after a few seconds. Marc gives complete instructions on how to make your own air door. You know I would totally do it except it involves removing studs from around the door frame, so I think I’m going to pass. And not because of the Spock lamp incident, it’s because of the studs. Truth.

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