$5000 Yo-Yo? I’ll Take Two Please

nostalgia yoyo $5000 Yo Yo?  Ill Take Two Please
This is the most difficult post I’ve ever had to write. Resisting the urge to pull some quotes from the Simpsons yo-yo tricks episode (season three: Bart the Lover $5000 Yo Yo?  Ill Take Two Please) is ripping me apart at the seams. Must resist. Twirl King. Damn too weak. Episode is too good. Resistance proved futile. World champion yo-yo master Shinobu Konmoto is selling these $5000 yo-yos that take six months to make and look really classy as far as yo-yos go but $5000? For a yo-yo? That’s a lot of dough, yo.

via ohgizmo

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