Boil Buoy Alerts You to a Boil

Ever put some water on your stove to boil and then forget all about it and by the time you check up on it half the water has evaporated and you have to add in more water and wait for it to boil again? Happens to me all the time. Twice today already. The design collaborative folks at Quirky are putting a stop to that and have developed a boiling water alert gadget called the Boil Buoy that lets you know when your water is boiling.

Just place the Boil Buoy in your pot of water, turn up the heat and wait for it to sound the chime when your water is boiling. Simple and smart. It has a stainless steel chime with an enclosed foam core for buoyancy. And looks like a buoy. I’m definitely telling my friend Larry the Lighthouse about this one (no I’m not really friends with him but he’s freakin’ awesome and a talented athlete). Since it’s a Quirky project, they need enough pre-orders at $9.99 to put this into production- but it looks pretty certain it will make it. Personally I’d combine this with the Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer and sit back on the couch with a beer while my food cooks itself.