Mercedes Bed is the Racing Car Bed for Adults

As a kid, the racing car bed was possibly the coolest bed you could own (of course now with the Internet we know there are way cooler beds). But once you grown up, you need something a little classier than just a plastic racing car bed; you want something like this Mercedes Benz bed. Made from half a Mercedes 8 coupe (W115 for you autonerds), it’s really not much more than just a front end propped onto a standard bed. But the cool part is that the hood opens up and you can store your blankets and stuff in there. Pretty stylish.

(automotto via artcar)

One thought on “Mercedes Bed is the Racing Car Bed for Adults

  1. what is the price of mercedes bed? and if I want to buy it how can i do this or in which site you advice me to go to buy it? and are you gona deliver this bed to me in Dubai?


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