Night Stalker Surfboard has Headlights

Legendary surfing god Bill Stewart has created this headlight and LED light enabled surfboard called Night Stalker (perhaps named after the classic ’70’s TV series that was the inspiration for the X-Files-Kolchak – The Night Stalker?) which is being hailed as the first surfboard ever created for surfing at night.

A pair of rechargeable batteries power the 700 lumen adjustable headlights and the LED embedded side fins. You can aim the lights into the water while paddling (so you can see the reflection off the night feeding sharks’ eyes) and then out into the waves when you’re ready to surf. The fin lights will light up your wake to create interesting effects in the wave. You can watch pictures of these interesting effects afterward if by some chance you happen to survive. Sounds like a winning idea to me. Next up: an African safari Jeep that smells like fresh meat.

scuttlefish via gizmodo

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