Quick Site News

Hi all just a few quick announcements here today. Posting for the next few days to a week will be erratic and sparse (more so than usual!) as we are super busy packing and moving. Because the “box of goodies” I have to give away for contest prizes will be packed away, we are extending this week’s sweepstakes for one more week until 5/11 and then we’ll do something special the following week to make up for it. I’m noticing in the responses to the sweepstakes that pretty much everyone has “someone they know” who loses their keys but nobody wants to own up to needing it for themselves. So if you haven’t entered yet, go ahead now….because “someone you know” needs the prize.

In the meantime, you can spread the word with our Twitter feed or “like” us on Facebook. (Yeah that “like” terminology is still awkward; you can just be our fan if you want). The Twitter feed has some extra stuff that doesn’t make it to the site due to being not relevant enough (but still interesting) or too adult oriented. Thanks for sticking with us!

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