PS3 Slim Laptop from Ben Heck

Modder extraordinaire and pinball fanatic Ben Heckendorn (Ben Heck) has created this sleek looking Playstion 3 Laptop. Note the stylish blue accents that look almost like racing stripes. Nice.

Yeah he impressively crammed a PS3 slim in there somehow and made it look store bought. Probably because it’s not the first time he’s made one of these. It’s also got a 17″ widescreen display that plays video at 720p and a video out jack in case you want to run it to your TV. There’s built-in stereo speakers, a headphone jack, and a compartment for power cord storage. All the normal PS3 ports and parts are there just like the full sized one.

Totally awesome. I would love to take some blu-ray and Playstation 3 action with me on a plane. Heck, I’d love to just go someplace on a plane (preferably tropical). I’ll even sit in the middle seat. So you want a video demonstration? You got it:

This was made for a lucky private customer of Mr. Heck’s but if you want your own, just listen to what Ben says “if you have a crazy idea and the money, I can make the time!” Well I’ve got one of the two, Ben. Maybe someone can spot me some cash? Ok thx.

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