Toto Traveling Bidet

Toto proves that you really can take it with you, including the personal comforts of your own bathroom with the TOTO Portable Washlet. Whether you’ve spent time overseas and enjoyed the clean feeling of a bidet or you’re a hygienically advanced American, you are acutely aware that you’re simply not going to find a bidet in any US public restroom outside of the Japanese embassy. But don’t let that stop you from bideting (is that the verb?) in your office, on a plane, porto-potty, in Starbucks, and anywhere else on the go. Great for those times when there’s no toilet paper and your stall neighbor won’t “spare a square”.

You fill the 200ml tank with water (warm or cold, your choice), extend the cleaning nozzle, and push the button to spray the water into your personal area. There are two washing modes you can set: regular spray with 3 streams of water or soft spray with 5 streams of water. A battery powers the stream so it’s a simple push button operation. This portable bidet folds up to 2 7/8 x 6 inch purse or manbag sized package for cleanliness you can take with you. It comes in either blue or pink colors.