Harpoon Mounted on Car Spears Speeders, Tear Gases Them

Finnish police decided to think outside the box a bit and in somewhat Finnish fashion decided to try out mounting a harpoon on the front of a police car. The harpoon is designed to spear speeders who refuse to stop. If the perp still won’t stop after being harpooned, the spear releases a tear gas spray inside the vehicle. Check out the super action video below:

via techeblog

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2 comments to Harpoon Mounted on Car Spears Speeders, Tear Gases Them

  • Juergen

    Useless or dangerous or both.

    Either the harpoon is long enough to go all the way through the car boot and into the car itself – which means you’ll kill the child sitting in the back seat, or it’s not that long, which means you just gassed the car boot (which will not really affect the driver in many cars….)

  • Robert

    It should release HIV like a giant dirty hypodermic. There’s your sentence perpetrator!

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