Dr. Drew’s Rx Locker Keeps Your Medications Secure

Everyone knows Dr. Drew Pinsky as the Loveline hosting, celebrity rehabbing doctor of TV fame. Now like many other TV celebrities, Dr. Drew is branching out into the consumer products field with Dr. Drew’s Rx Locker. Unlike his QVC-hocking brethren, Dr. Drew is going for a gadget with a higher purpose. This potentially life-saving device is a simple lockbox for up to 4 of your prescription pill bottles.
Rx Locker - Safeguard Prescription Drugs
The Rx Locker is based on three principles- safety, security, and privacy. Safety- it keeps dangerous medications out of the hands of children by locking them up. Security- preventing access to a parent’s drugs can keep teens or other adults in your household from taking and abusing them. Privacy- medicine cabinet snooping visitors to your home can no longer see what pills you’re taking.

The Rx Locker is secured by a chrome metal 3 digit combination lock that gives you 1000 different combinations. It easily fits inside your medicine cabinet, not taking up much more space then the pill bottles themselves. The Rx Locker costs $14.95 and ships for free.

8 thoughts on “Dr. Drew’s Rx Locker Keeps Your Medications Secure

  1. With my addiction to both Kosher and Mexican food I’m hoping Dr Drew opens up Manischevitz House and Irritable Bowel Syndrome House.

    To offer this product is the most shameless pomotion I’ve ever seen. The sad thing is I’m not surprised. Perhaps on QVC he’ll hawk stomach pumps in various colors.

    Just Say No – should become – Just Say Know. It’s all about education. Not entertainment. Live Love Malibu

  2. whether or not you like dr drew at least he’s raising awareness. I like” Just Say Know!”and with this product your kids will know your are paying attention. With 2500 kids a day trying prescription drugs for the first time and most getting them from their parents or grandparents medicine cabinets, i think this is a great idea. and locking up drugs this is also an opportunity to talk to kids about the dangers of all drugs and show them that the parents are savvy as well. if you don’t use rx locker, use something/ Plus it’s not jsut teens small children get into pills to so this can stop them.

  3. This product is nothing but pure smoke and mirrors and gives parents a false sense of security. Its cheap plastic construction is only matched by its cheap use of a 1970’s briefcase lock. Even doctor Pinksy, who has a financial interest in selling this product, admits that “it doesn’t matter if they can break it open”. Is he crazy? Why would he “invent” and endorse a product that DOESN’T WORK, and that he admits doesn’t work. My 14 year old easily opened this glorified piece of Tupperware with his hands and snapped the lock. No screwdriver needed. It DOES NOT secure medication. It stores it. Thats a big difference. Shame on Pinksy.

  4. People just don’t get it. Opinions are great but you need to put a little thought into it.
    If you want into something nothing will stop you. Cars are stolen everyday with high dollar alarm systems.
    With this product it’s about the message. Open your mind Mark, If your Rx Locker was missing or broken then you know your 14 year old son has a problem. I love this product. I put my medication in here and it goes right back in the medicine cabinet!

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