19mm Sausage Gun is a Waste of Meat

The SG19 is a sausage shooting gun. You’ve probably seen potato guns before and even marshmallow guns but the SG19 goes where these guns fear to tread by SHOOTING MEAT. This homemade contraption is made up of 19mm plastic plumbing tubing, sink grease trap, cooker lighter, two screws, a few plumbing connector parts and pipe weld glue. Hairspray is used as the ignition fuel and it uses canned hotdogs for tasty ammunition.

Check out the video:

I’m taking a stand here: meat should be cooked and eaten, not shot out of guns. Maybe if you shot it out of a gun and onto a hot grill that would be acceptable but smashed up against a wall? It’s a crying shame I tell ya, a gosh darn shame. On the other hand, if you’re going to get shot, there’s really no better bullet for getting shot with than yummy meat in a casing.

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One thought on “19mm Sausage Gun is a Waste of Meat

  1. hotdogs are made out of MRM which stands for mechanically recovered meat…MRM cannot legally be classed as meat so splatting them against a wall is the best thing for them.

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