USB Shortwave Radio

The USB powered shortwave radio is not really all that crazy as a gadget itself, but what is crazy about it is the fact that it plugs into a computer- the very thing that could conceivably wipe out shortwave radio. Shortwave radio operates on certain bands and frequencies that enable anyone- even amateurs, to broadcast anything with a worldwide reach for no cost beyond the initial cost of equipment. Which, if you think about it, is pretty much exactly what the internet can be used for- broadcasting worldwide (of note is that shortwave is still MUCH cheaper and requires no infrastructure, so it’s future in lesser developed and accessible areas is brighter).

This radio will play both shortwave and AM/FM radio and you can even record anything you hear to .mp3 or .wav via software to your computer. The shortwave radio picks up signals in the 3,000 – 20,000KHz frequencies. It costs $79 and is made by Thanko.

USB Shortwave Radio

2 thoughts on “USB Shortwave Radio

  1. Problems I see with it.
    It doesn’t do “single side band” AKA “USB and LSB” It only does AM
    Most modern short wave communications is on USB and LSB (upper/lower sideband)

    It doesn’t have an external antenna jack.
    Seeing that it is right next to a computer (interference), you need an external antenna jack so you can locate the antenna a good distance away from the radio. A built in antenna is not very effective at 3mhz, so you won’t be hearing very much anyway.

    The final problem, It doesn’t cover 1.6 to 3 Mhz. There is a good bit of activity you will miss out on in the winter months.

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