JBL Intros the Creature III Speaker System

jbl creature iii
JBL has announced an update to their Creature line of speaker with the Creature III desktop audio system. These unique looking speakers update slightly on the Creature II’s sleek curvy style with a more looping leg style. JBL tantalizingly teases the new 2.1 system on their homepage and then nowhere else on their site (what’s up with that JBL?) Consisting of a 15W subwoofer and a pair of 5W satellite speakers, the Creature III will be available in either white or black. You can pre-order it now for January delivery at B+H for $99 (I can’t find it anywhere else just yet).

One thought on “JBL Intros the Creature III Speaker System

  1. The Apple Store has the Creature III in black only (weird, since their entire product line is either white or brushed aluminum/silver. It looks like white will be available in January 2010. But, get this:

    The BASS and TREBLE controls are BACKWARDS! Turning either knob to (+) DECREASES its effect, while turning either knob to (-) INCREASES its effect. Played around in the Apple Store for 10 minutes with this, and could not believe that this was not caught by quality control. Unbelievable, but true.

    As for sound, I’d rate them a 4 (out of 5). Midrange is weak, but this can be corrected with the equalizer in iTunes. Bass had a slight buzz, too.

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