Endless Pudding Touching Toy

endless pudding touch toy
Just when you thought the world was safe from another of Japan’s “endless” (PuchiPuchi) toys that let you obsessively repeat a motion over and over comes the absolute strangest one yet: the pudding toy. This PuchiPuchi toy is called “Sound Touch Pudding” and is from Epoch (JP). Kids, or pudding loving adults, can touch the top of the toy to get that soft pudding feeling without getting your hands dirty, while a cute female voice says stuff. I’d like to know what she says too!

Personally I have no desire to stick my finger in a cup of pudding, but hey, that’s just me. There are four fantastic flavor colors of the pudding, each with a different voice. The Soft Touch Pudding endless toy will run about $7.50 and goes on sale in Japan next month.

via Japan Trends

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