The Electronic Itch Stopper Stops Itches

itch stopper
There are few things more irritating than an itch that just won’t go away no matter how hard or often you scratch it. It’s amazing how something so small can cause you so much discomfort. The Itch Stopper will eliminate your itch for the entire day with just one 20 second application. No matter if your itch is a chronic itch, or from rashes or insect bites, the Itch Stopper will work.

The Itch Stopper works by producing mild electronic energy which destroys trouble-causing toxins beneath the skin and stops histamine release. Histamines are what make you itch, which is why you typically have to take anti-histamines to stop itches. A product like Cortaid, which can also be very effective, still takes up to an hour to take full effect- while the Itch Stopper brings you relief almost immediately. The manufacturer even backs it up with some scientific data.

By using this product you can eliminate the need for creams, lotions and powders to give you comfort. The problem with creams and lotions is that they are applied on the outside of the skin and must be absorbed through the skin before getting to the source of the itch, losing some of their effectiveness along the way. The Itch Stopper effectively penetrates the skin-barrier and focuses the energy at the skin-base of the affected area. Rashes, inflammation, skin redness and blistering quickly go away.

The Itch Stopper does not cause DNA damage, or skin-cancer and is FDA approved for over the counter use. It’s safe for pretty much your whole body- the face, scalp, the eyelids with closed eyes, and most private areas. It can also be used for children over age 1 which is pretty handy since putting lotions on young kids is less than ideal.

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