Growing Ring is a Ring that Grows

growing ring1
The Growing Ring puts a little bit of nature on your finger. Designed by Haffsteinn Juliusson, these molded silver rings have a tiny plant growing inside them to give you a mix of jewelry and plant, couture and organism. Available in both rectangular and round:
growing ring2
The description doesn’t specify exactly what type of plant is growing in the rings although it looks to be some type of moss or grass. Either way, you will have to water is on occasion, although this is easily accomplished by just shifting your ring under the faucet anytime you go to wash your hands. The plant should actually grow pretty well since most people spend a good part of their day in the light, whether it’s artificial or natural and the watering part is easily done. I like the idea of wearing nature and that each ring will be unique thanks to the individuality of the plant growth.

Growing Ring