K-9 Calming Vest Reduces Your Dog’s Fireworks Noise Anxiety

k9 calming vest
Most dogs get very anxious and nervous when they hear the loud pops of fireworks. I know that my dog freaks out and starts looking around nervously even if there’s fireworks on TV. Thunderstorms too, he hates that. Sometimes during heavy rains, I’ll think we have a leak in the roof because I hear water pouring down in the corner, but no- it’s just the dog nervously peeing on the rug. Well the K-9 Calming Vest purports to placate your pooch by putting a pouch on the pup. You might ask yourself, “how does this miracle calming vest work, in basic scientific terms?”. Let’s break it down:

The vest works by being ON the dog. That’s it. But what about the deep science and engineering behind the vest? Here, I quote directly “the tight-fitting vest gives your dog a feeling of safety, while the physical sensations of wearing it distracts your dog from focusing on its fears”. Yes sir, this vest works by being on the dog and tight. It’s just like wearing a pair of tighty whities- you know your boys are in there safe and tight and aren’t going to be flopping around in the wind. I’m not buying into this $36 piece of pet voodoo.

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2 thoughts on “K-9 Calming Vest Reduces Your Dog’s Fireworks Noise Anxiety

  1. It’s a shame you don’t ‘buy into this vodoo’ cause it works. Now does it work any better than a homemade ‘tight-fitting’ vest for your dog – no. But then again, I’m not a seamstress that can make something like that for my dog.

    These vests DO work and have a proven track record. A shame you didn’t do any research into it before slamming the product.

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