Bottle Opening Carabiner

In theory the Bottle Opening Carabiner (or Fred Bottle Biner as it’s officially called) is a good idea- a carabiner that also works as both a corkscrew and bottle opener. It’s two less things to carry when you’re out hiking and therefore less weight you have to haul around- which is a good thing. And you’ll never lose your bottle opener or corkscrew this way.

BUT on second thought, if you’re really going someplace where you need a carabiner to support you, then maybe having an alcoholic beverage at the top of the mountain on your trip is not the best idea. You do need to get back at some point. Drunk carabiner use? Not a good idea.

BUT reversing my second thought with a third and final thought- if you’re not dangling from ropes and are just looking for a bottle opener and corkscrew that you can easily clip on to your bag or cooler handle or belt loop so that you’ll have it handy, then you should buy the Fred Bottle ‘Biner here. So in summary- yes, no, yes.