Fendi TV Mirror Combination Gives You Two Great Things to Watch

Making your television fit in seamlessly with your home decor is a designer’s challenge that’s been answered in many ways usually involving some sort of built-in cabinetry or a motorized lift to reveal a hidden TV. Now Fendi Casa Collection has come out with a solution that’s all in the hardware- it’s a TV/Mirror combination. The piece looks and in fact is, a regular mirror until you switch the LCD TV on. Once powered up, the TV revelas itself in sizes up to 42″. It comes with a really modern and classy contemporary frame around the unit.

To me it looks a bit distracting the way the mirror surrounds the TV on the top and bottom. But it does give you two great things to watch- television or yourself. The Fendi Casa Collection Mirror/TV is also ideal for watching horror films on- you can see if anyone’s trying to sneak up behind you attempting to scare the living daylights out of you. Is this the future of televisions? Will we see TV’s like this in our bathroom mirrors? Maybe. No pricing or availability listed.