Sarlacc Pit Monster Pillow- Greatest Star Wars Craft Ever

This pillow may not be the most comfortable one to lay on but it’s definitely the greatest Star Wars craft ever… of the week. Dubbed the Sarlacc “Pitlow”, it’s modeled after the evil Sarlacc Pit Monster which inhabits the Great Pit of Carkoon, over in the the desert on planet Tatooine. For you non-uber-Star Wars geeks out there, note that this is the 1997 special edition Sarlacc which has the CGI addition of tentacles that reach out of it’s mouth. For everyone, note the detail of the Boba Fett helmet on one of the tentacles! Don’t mess with the Sarlacc!
Luke, Han, and Chewy avoided sinking into the Sarlacc’s belly and being digested over a mere 1000 year period thanks to Lando and R2. If you want to avoid getting snagged into this pillow’s grasp, then make sure you’re nowhere near Lauderhill, Florida next month, where this pillow will be present at the Stitch Wars event.

photos/most excellent handiwork from scrumptiousdelight

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