Cigar USB Flash Drive

Those crafty craftsters at Instructables have done it again. This time they’ve managed to put a USB flash drive inside a cigar. That’s a real cigar folks! It’s dipped in primer to give it a hard shell, bored out with a drill, and then stuffed with a USB drive. It even has it’s own LED light that lights up the “lit” end of the cigar when data is being transferred. Here’s a video of the drive in action:

I bet that’s the worst smelling flash drive ever. Unless you like cigars, in which case it’s the best smelling drive ever. Although now that I think about it, the smell of unused cigars is pretty decent, it’s the burning ones that stink so horribly. I wonder if this is a Cuban cigar. Probably not a good idea to waste such a high quality imported cigar on a drive, but some wouldn’t consider this a waste at all.

full instructions available at instructables via geeky-gadgets

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