Help Alerter LED License Plate Roadside Assistance Requester

What would you do if your car broke down in a cellphone dead zone? If you were Bear Grylls, you would strip the car down into it’s usable parts, go off the road into the woods, kill a large mammal, and then roast it on a fire you made using the car battery and the stuffing from the seats. You’d go to sleep in a tent made from animal hide and a radiator belt. Then you’d strip down naked, do pushups to stay warm and drink your own urine. If it were you or I, we’d put the car’s blinkers on and crawl up into the fetal position crying while we wait endlessly for help to come.

Not if you had the Help Alerter! The Help Alerter is a license plate holder upon which you mount your license plate. When you need roadside assistance, you flip down your plate to reveal the LED “Help” sign. The sign has it’s own battery pack, so it’s not dependent on your car’s electrical system to work. Now passing cars will know for sure that you need their help and are not just some random car pulled off to side of the road. And best of all, you won’t have to drink your own pee to survive.

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