Lolaloo Turns Strollers into Rockers

Parents know that sometimes it can be nearly impossible to find a way to get your baby to take a nap. The best way to get an infant to sleep is with a gentle motion. But today’s busy parents can’t sit there and rock a stroller back and forth all day long until the child goes to sleep. That’s why you give your child a little bit of whiskey to knock them out for a bit. (apparently that hasn’t been recommended since the 70’s, shows what I know). Long story long, the Lolaloo is a colorful tube that straps on to your stroller or cradle with velcro and automatically rocks your kid to sleep.

You can adjust the level of rocking to suit your child or the type of carrier your child is in. Lolaloo will run for up to 4 hours on a rechargeable battery. Based on the video, I’d call it more of a vibrating motion, than rocking, but it still looks effective:

Unfortunately right now it looks like it’s only available in Germany and costs $175, but if anyone knows of a similar product available here, drop a comment- please!

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