You’ll Never Have to Worry About Dusting the Dusty Table

The Dusty Table by designer Jason Miller is one table you never have to worry about dusting because it’s already pre-dusted for you. For nearly $2000 you get a table that has a dust-like layer embedded in the finish.

In the spirit of thrift shops and new vintage, Miller’s Dusty Table reflects very little but subtle inevitability. With a layer of what looks to be dust embedded in the finish, its unpolishable nature suggests perfection despite its apparent lack of shine.

You can probably get the same exact effect by simply not dusting your table for a while and then spraying on a clear coat on top. If I knew not dusting would make my tables look so much more expensive, I would have thrown away the Pledge years ago. Next up should be a sink with dishes already stacked in it.

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