Worst Product Ever? Cell Mate Hands Free Cellphone Holder

Yes this is an actual product being shown at CES this year. It’s the Cell Mate hands free cell phone holder. It’s basically just a giant headband clip that attaches to your phone and goes over your head. The advantage is that you don’t have to synch up or charge up a bluetooth earpiece. The disadvantage is that it’s totally ridiculous looking and it doesn’t look very comfortable. Even the name is bad- “cell-mate”… I’ve watched too many prison movies to get a good feeling about that one.

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20 thoughts on “Worst Product Ever? Cell Mate Hands Free Cellphone Holder

  1. The public aesthetics perception of this product is poor! However, there is a market for this product. First, this product can only be worn around the house because the general public is not ready to accept this look. Something has to change in the publics mind before mass appeal can be won. Second, three good target markets for this product are:

    1) People who don’t like bluetooth ear devices or cannot wear these devices because of ear irritations or other problems.

    2) People who don’t like to use the speaker-phone feature on their cell phone that can be attach to their wrist with the use of a special holder called “The CellBand”

    3) Lifecasters. People who record every moment of their life. This group of people might use the product to hold recorders and other small devices.

    Before we condemn this product we should consider that it can have a useful purpose for those who need it. Tom Cruse says it best, “Who’s to say”

  2. I saw this and thought Yeah! I have spent money on blue tooth’s which have been lost, lose charge and forgot to charge so can not use that day, provide poor hearing quality especially if other person is on speaker.

    I only need when driving or could use while at home working around house or on computer. Looking stupid is not an issue for me but not receiving a ticket while driving and being able to hear clearly are important.

    Given time there may be a market for the savvy have to look good people this may not be for you but for others people with hearing problems, and do not want to spend time charging yet another piece of electronics it may work.

    How and where marketed will be important. I am buying one from the only person currently selling on Ebay and will post comment after have used.

  3. The Cell Mate has a place. Rather for around the house or on the go. Look at what people are wearing now. Pajamas!

    Another good invention is “The CellBand”. At Amazon.com for $2.55+shipping. This is a machine washable wrist sweatband converted to hold cell phones and small devices. Click the link for more info. Thanks

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