Mensa Puzzle Alarm Clock Takes a Genius to Turn It Off

Having trouble waking up in the morning? Are you a genius? No? Then the Mensa Puzzle Alarm Clock is for you. Developed in conjunction with the British branch of the famed genius club, this alarm clock takes some early morning brainpower to turn off. When the Mensa Alarm goes off, you will need to memorize and repeat a random sequence of colored lights. Get it wrong and the alarm restarts- louder than before. Take too long and it restarts.

Now you might notice the “wimp out” button on the top right, which you can press but you’ll face 30 seconds of an extra loud alarm as payback. You can buy it from this ebay seller for about $41 shipped to the US. It does not seem to be available in any US based stores.

16 thoughts on “Mensa Puzzle Alarm Clock Takes a Genius to Turn It Off

  1. mensa sent me an application once, they were inviting me to join their smarty-pants club, and charge me *only* $80/year!

    I sent it back in the included postage-paid addressed envelope telling them I was too smart to throw away $80 a year to join their stupid club.

  2. I can see the need for an alarm clock that has a complex procedure for deactivating it, but why not just put the clock on the other side of the room or something? Doesn’t that basically have the same effect?

  3. @probabilityzero.

    My fiance has a terrible habit of hitting snooze at 4:30am when he has to get up for work on his old alarm. Considering I can usually stay in bed until 6am and I’m a light sleeper, this alarm is a great idea!

    Why? Failing at this alarm clock in the morning gets him all wound up which means when he (finally) turns it off, he can’t fall back asleep, therefore no more snooze! Just one alarm for about 30 seconds and it’s done, rather than 3 alarms once every 9 minutes over almost half an hour!

  4. Cute idea…if the sound of the alarm actually wakes you up. I’ve had a hard time finding an alarm clock that will actually wake me up…I sleep way too deep.

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