Sonic Vox Realtime Voice Changer iPhone Application

This is cool! The brand spanking new Sonix Vox application from Smule (the interactive lighter people) for your iPhone changes your voice in realtime. Slide your fingers left or right to change the pitch. Slide them left to get that deep Darth Vader voice and back the other way for some Alvin and the Chipmunks action (isn’t that half the point of most voice changers!?). Moving your finger up and down gives you some echoing reverb. How fun!

Check out the video of the application in action:

The best part is that it’s just $0.99 which is a heck of a lot cheaper than every single other voice changer on the market (assuming you already have the iPhone!). Unfortunately you can’t change your voice while on a call but you can if you use the phone as a microphone and talk via your computer on Skype.

Here’s the link to buy it (opens in Itunes)