Kangaroo Scrotum Pouches are Ballsier than Truck Nutz

Take that Truck Nutz! Plastic balls for your truck? Is that all you’ve got girlie man? How about some real kangaroo scrotum hanging from the back of my Plymouth voyager?!

In some parts of the world (ok, it’s Australia) Kangaroo scrotum is said to be very lucky; ensuring you a long life, happiness and healthy children. With these Kangaroo Scrotum Pouches you can keep that bit of luck with you wherever you go. Available in several sizes (ranging from “shrimp on the barbie” to “g’day mate”) there is a scrotum for everybody. There’s 1001 uses for ‘roo scrotum from “sack”ing away your coins or storing your golf “balls” or tying them to the back of your F150 to show who’s really got the balls on the road.

via nerdblend

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