Lili Webcam is UberCute, Eco-Friendly, Respectful of People

The Lili Webcam is very Ikea-esque in design. That’s to say, she’s a cutie! Lili sort of looks like a flexible four legged Dr. Seussian octopus covered in brightly colored fabric. But Lili is so much more than just a good looking webcam, she’s also eco-friendly. She’s designed for production with a low ecological impact by using recycled packaging and renewable materials.

Lili is also complex, there’s more to her than just a 1.3 MPixel, 30 fps, USB webcam with a built-in mic. She’s also made in Vietnam in a Fair Trade Certified factory. That means that Lili respects the people who make her by keeping them in a safe, hygienic workplace that pays a fair wage and doesn’t use child labor. Lili, if you weren’t a webcam, I’d like totally marry you.

via RedFerret

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