Crazy Indoor Waterfall Spells Out Words

Check out this awesome video from the Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka, Japan (a shopping and entertainment complex). It’s an indoor waterfall controlled by a computer such that the water droplets fall in patterns and form words and shapes including suns, moons, stars and some really neat patterns. The waterfall is used for advertising but with an obviously high entertainment value.


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  • […] Here’s proof that the Japanese have created some amazing technology. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the “dancing waters” at Opryland Hotel, but I don’t remember anything there as remarkable as this. The video is a little slow to get started, and it begins in Japanese, but keep watching and you’ll realize that this computer controlled fountain/waterfall speaks English too. It’s all done with water and microchips! […]

  • Awesome! That’s incredible! That’s very beautiful. I’m sure it’s a hit.

    I hope to see another model of your “Crazy Indoor Waterfall that spells out words.” I’m looking forward to that.

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