Guide Gear Camping Bar takes the Bar to the Woods

Ever had a dream of setting up a little bar in the middle of nowhere? Now you can take that dream way more literally than you ever thought with Guide Gear’s Camping Bar. This piece of outdoor camping gear functions not only as a bar but also as an insulated cooler and a cupboard. And it all folds up into an easy to carry bag weighing just 25lbs. So you might not some beer muscles if you’re taking it far into the woods but for car camping, RVing, tailgating or partying in your yard it would be great.

The Camping Bar has two zippered compartments, one of which is insulated for your icy cold beverage of choice. The other can store your camping food or other items that don’t need insulation. The top is sturdy enough for you to mix drinks and cut your lemons and limes on. Or olives if you’re doing martinis, Mr. Camping Fancypants. Camping is now a bit more like home.

Product page: Guide GearĀ® Camp Bar Cupboard / Cooler Black